EX electric chain hoist cranes

Versatile and reliable lifting for hazardous areas

Konecranes EX electric chain hoist craneKonecranes EX electric chain hoist cranes offer high-performance daily lifting up to 2.5 tons in hazardous work spaces. Durable and versatile, EX-proof electric chain hoist cranes have a sturdy steel structure and a full set of components that provide the reliability and safety you need in any explosion risk industrial environment. The EX electric chain hoist crane is designed for maximum crane safety. Ideal for use in industries such as energy, chemicals or light manufacturing, it’s a proven technology that helps operators perform maintenance tasks with confidence and security.

Product features

The Konecranes EX electric chain hoist crane has the following standard features:

  • Structure and components designed specifically for cranes in high-risk areas
  • Steel frame for reliable strength in heavy lifting applications
  • Capacity up to 2.5 tons
  • Innovative mechanical configuration prevents sparking or ignition
  • Different trolleys, anti-collision system, bronze-coated hooks, and more
  • Variable headroom and compact hoists economize available space
  • Two-speed contactor controls
  • Electrical limit switch
  • Ergonomic user interface


The Konecranes EX electric chain hoist crane offers the following benefits:

  • Good for maintenance tasks around risk of dust or flammable gas
  • Maintains superior lifting performance in explosive atmospheres
  • Simple to operate and keep loads under control
  • Ideal for industries such as energy, chemicals, light manufacturing, and any location with hazardous work areas
  • Global and local service network with specialist maintenance
  • Multiple certifications establish quality, safety and efficiency

Want to know more about EX cranes?

Contact Konecranes to learn more about how Konecranes EX electric chain hoist crane can satisfy your lifting needs.

High level of performance and reliability

Konecranes EX equipments are specially designed for the demanding requirements of hazardous environments. Our design quality, technical expertise and after-sales service ensure your equipment remains safe to run and fully operational throughout a long and productive lifecycle.

Boost efficiency and improve safety in any high-risk area

If you are in energy production, chemicals handling or light manufacturing, this crane is particularly good for you. If you need to perform maintenance tasks somewhere with a risk of flammable gas or dust in the air, the EX electric chain hoist crane may be your choice. Using the latest available lifting technology, it delivers the highest levels of built-in safety, efficiency and performance. And because Konecranes is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial cranes, you can maintain your lifting equipment through the most extensive service network in the industry, serving more than 600 locations in nearly 50 countries.


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