Increased demands call for new crane

Rautaruukki Corporation, Raahe, Finland

Rautaruukki Corporation is a metal component and system provider for steel construction and engineering businesses. With almost 12,000 employees in 27 countries and an annual turnover exceeding 2 billion euros, Rautaruukki is a significant operator in the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe and Russia. The Raahe steel works produces 2.8 million metric tons of hot rolled steel and special steel products each year.

Replacing a long-serving metal handling crane

With increased production demands, the Raahe steel works needed a new hot metal crane to replace the one installed in 1975. Modern steel production processes required new lifting equipment that emphasized safety, usability and ease of maintenance. 

Designing a crane with cutting-edge features

Konecranes and Rautaruukki worked together to design the new crane, fitting it with the Sway Control and Target Positioning Smart Features, making the crane easier and safer to use, even when transporting steel at higher speeds. The addition of the Konecranes Crane Monitoring System allowed for improved maintenance planning by giving visibility to the operating conditions of the crane. 

The cooperation between Rautaruukki and Konecranes helped produce a durable new crane that allows the Raahe mill to meet its increased production demands while maintaining safety, performing reliably and allowing for easy maintenance.