Shock Load Prevention

Shock Load Prevention for overhead crane longevity

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Even with experienced crane operators, it can be challenging to lift a load without incurring stress to the crane, the load or the building’s structure. That’s because, before a load lifts off the ground, the rigging gear is loose and any upward hoisting would first move the rigging gear, not the load. Once the rigging gear is taut and the load is engaged, however, the hoist must be operated very slowly so as not to jerk the load into the air. Excess speed during the critical time of lifting the load off the ground can “shock” the crane system, causing high stress.

Konecranes has the answer: Shock Load Protection. With Shock Load Protection, the hoist drive monitors the load. If it is picked up too fast, the hoisting speed is automatically reduced until the load is in the air. This protects the crane, lifting load and the whole building from extra stress. This, in turn, provides lower maintenance costs for the crane and maximizes cycle times by reducing hoisting speed only during the critical moment of lift off.

Easy control for crane operators

Shock Load Protection is designed for smooth load pickups and works to prevent shocks to the load and the crane, extending the lifetime of the crane’s steel structure and mechanical parts. Shock Load Prevention is a feature of Konecranes Variable Frequency Drives for hoist control, and it works to eliminate shock loads automatically. With this automated feature, the operator can focus on controlling the load, monitoring his or her environment and ensuring that the load remains secure. Without the operator needing to purposely slow down operation as the hoist is raised, the crane can operate efficiently, speeding up operation while decreasing the mechanical wear and tear on the overhead crane.

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Shock Load Protection is available for overhead cranes with, or with the capability of having, Variable Frequency Drives. Contact a Konecranes Representative to see if Shock Load Protection or any of our other Smart Features, can help your business.