Remotely monitored cranes

Five benefits to using remote monitoring with your overhead cranes

Better visibility into the use and performance of overhead cranes

The Industrial Internet – the integration of machines with network sensors and software to gather and analyse data for specific purposes – promises to help make equipment across industries more intelligent and enable efficiencies that were unimaginable just a short time ago.


White paper summary

Remote Monitoring white paper thumbnailThis evolving technology is transforming industrial and manufacturing facilities with remote monitoring that provides visibility into the use and performance of overhead cranes. With this technology, select crane data is visible through a centralised online portal that provides users with operating information in just a few keystrokes and safety alerts transmitted by email or text.

Here are five ways your lifting operations could benefit from remote monitoring technology.

  1. Safety working environment
  2. Better understanding of crane usage
  3. Data for training program enhancement
  4. Increased visibility into an entire fleet
  5. Greater systematic data analytics