Konecranes Way - our approach to Lean operations

Konecranes Way – our approach to Lean operations

Productivity is key for all businesses, especially in manufacturing sectors such as ours. Konecranes Way, our approach to Lean operations, provides us with a holistic system to continuously improve and learn. This is part of our broader focus on the customer, our commitment to business growth and to making material flows more efficient.

Konecranes Way gives us the required tools to streamline operations, maximizing the time and effort we spend on creating customer value. It pushes us and our people to continuously challenge our way of working, learning and developing every day. From top management to factory floors, we are creating a culture focused on improvement and solving problems. Our vision for Konecranes Way is to lead and engage our people to be better every day.

Lean is not just an abstract philosophy, but something we continuously train our people in. In 2020, we nominated 13 of our factories as so called lighthouse projects, for them to lead the implementation of Konecranes Way. Our target is to introduce and implement Konecranes Way in all our factories during 2021. We also continuously grow our critical mass of knowledge and support the capabilities of our people, expanding the reach and impact of the Konecranes Way into functional teams and product value streams.

This focus not only supports our internal operations but gives benefits to our customers and stakeholders as well. A lean philosophy allows to systematically improve our offering, supporting our efforts to always provide industry-leading products and services to our customers. Efficient internal processes are also at the core of us making good on our customers promises, including delivery times and quality.


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