Customer story

Oji Paper, China

Founded over 130 years ago, Oji Paper Group is Japan’s biggest paper producer. Most of the company’s mills are located in Japan, in more than 20 locations. Having worked with Konecranes for previous projects, Oji partnered again with Konecranes to plan the installation of lifting equipment in Oji’s new Nantong facility.

“Konecranes process automation is very advanced,” said Mr. Muraji Nishi, Construction Team General Manager. “We could even design safety areas in the factory beforehand. We were also impressed with the safety features of the cranes. Things like Target Positioning and various safety features made us choose Konecranes as our partner.”

Working smarter with Smart Features

The application design included four roll handling cranes in the sheet-cutting area and five process cranes for the paper machine. These process cranes were equipped with a variety of Smart Features—Sway Control, Protected Areas and End Positioning—to improve work safety and productivity.

The most advanced cranes for all lifting tasks

Konecranes was chosen to deliver the new cranes and take full responsibility for the maintenance of all cranes in the Nantong mill. Mr. Nishi said, “The Konecranes maintenance process is advanced. The system calculates all the distances and the loads moved by each crane. It also tells which part to service and when. It‘s more accurate than the human eye and also informative. We are very pleased with that. Konecranes service technicians respond quickly, which means that we can run production without interruptions. This is a major benefit for us.”

Oji Paper was looking to invest in the most reliable and technically advanced industrial cranes on the market, so Konecranes eventually delivered three semi-automated process cranes, two manual process cranes, and around twenty smaller industrial cranes to the Nantong mill.

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