Crane operator using Smart Features.

Smart Features

We have put decades of experience in technology and industry into our Smart Features, which were designed to help increase the safety and productivity of your operations. Our cranes and software based Smart Features help improve safety and reduce load cycle times by giving you total control over material handling in your production process.

You can buy Smart Features already installed on new cranes, and you can also add them to your existing cranes. Choose the ones you want, or ask us to recommend a feature package that fits your specific production process. We invite you to explore how Smart Features can benefit your business.

Intelligent lifting using Smart Features

Konecranes Smart Features are available for electric overhead traveling cranes and bring concrete benefits to your lifting processes. We at Konecranes, help you to choose which features are compatible with your lifting equipment. Here, we explain how you can benefit from each Smart Feature.

SWAY CONTROL limits load swing by controlling the bridge and trolley acceleration and deceleration. Sway Control allows faster load handling and more precise positioning. This feature also reduces the risk of damage to the load, crane and surrounding area.


ACTIVE SWAY CONTROL is designed to dampen also the existing load sway.


SNAG PREVENTION is designed to stop all crane movement if the hook, sling or load accidentally gets caught on something. This safety function reduces the risk of hazardous situations while moving loads and helps to prevent damage to the load, crane and surrounding area.


ADAPTIVE SPEED RANGE (ASR) and EXTENDED SPEED RANGE (ESR) give you the opportunity to optimize speed of your crane. An empty hook can be moved at over double the speed of a loaded hook, allowing the operator to choose the most efficient way to control the hoist. Variable hoisting speeds provide accuracy during slow speed operation and shorter load cycle times during the faster operation.


ASSISTED LOAD TURNING helps turn the load by keeping the ropes straight and eliminating side pull. This function makes one of the most challenging crane operation more simple and less risky. The benefits of this feature are faster load cycle times, longer crane lifetime and it simply makes the use of crane easier.


HOOK CENTERING is designed to eliminate side pull during lifting by positioning the bridge and trolley automatically directly over the load. This feature means less wear and tear on your crane’s components, faster load cycle times and ease of operation.


FOLLOW ME makes lifting operations much faster because crane can be moved above the load by simply guiding the hook by hand. This feature reduces load cycle times by making it much easier and faster to load and unload the crane.


PROTECTED AREAS and WORKING LIMITS allow to define protected zones such as production machinery or storage areas, where the crane is not allowed to enter. Working Limits builds temporary ”virtual walls” at which your crane is designed to stop automatically. These functions help prevent collisions between the crane and valuable equipment near the crane and thus increase safety and prevent possible damage.


LOAD FLOATING keeps the load in position after the hoisting movement stops, so the brake is applied less frequently and it wears less than normally. Load Floating allows a faster and smoother restart of the hoisting movement and better control of the load.


HOISTING SYNCHRONIZATION monitors and controls the position difference of the hooks and synchronizes the movement of each hoist. This function gives more accuracy when two hoists are used at the same time.


MICROSPEED and INCHING assist in very accurate and precise load handling. Microspeed turns large joystick movements on the operator interface into slow and exact load movements. Inching is designed to ensure accurate final load positioning by allowing the crane operator to move the load in small increments. Both functions reduce the risk of collision and can be used for hoisting and travelling.


SHOCK LOAD PREVENTION allows smooth load pick-up. The hoist drive monitors the load. If the load is picked up abruptly, the hoisting speed is automatically reduced until the load is lifted. This feature is designed to prevent shocks to the load and to the crane, extending the lifetime of the crane’s steel structure and mechanical parts.


SLACK ROPE PREVENTION detects when the load has reached its final position and automatically stops the lowering movement. The hoist ropes do not slacken or lifting device does not fall over. Slack Rope Prevention helps control your crane better and avoid possible dangerous situations.


TARGET POSITIONING and END POSITIONING reduce the need for operator's manual crane operation. With only a single button, target positioning brings the load to a predefined target position. End positioning brings the load to the center of a final positioning window. These features significantly reduce work cycle times, when the work cycle is familiar and repetitive and make your processes faster and easier.


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