Konecranes coker crane
Customer story

Training on Smart Features reduces product wear at Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum is the Nation’s fourth largest refiner of transportation fuels.

In 2001, Konecranes installed the first coker crane it had ever built at Marathon Petroleum’s refinery in Garyville, Louisiana. A second crane was installed in 2005. For more than 10 years, operators there have used the cranes to move petroleum coke from the open pit to the cutting area and then on to the drying pad.

However, experienced operators continued to operate the crane manually rather than letting Konecranes Smart Features, such as Target Positioning and Sway Control, do the work for them. Using the Smart Features helps reduce product wear.

In 2013, Marathon Petroleum enlisted the help of the Konecranes Training Institute to show their experienced crane operators how to make advantage of these Smart Features.

Over the course of 12 weeks, Konecranes instructors worked individually with each operator, riding along in the cab with them as they operated the coker cranes. In addition to training on Smart Features, the one-on-one, intense training included OSHA and ASME safety regulations, pre-operational inspections, hands-on operational training, and pit management practices.

“Since the training, the operators are able to run the coker cranes safely and efficiently. Because of this, we have seen work orders and maintenance needs at the plant decline drastically,” said John Groth, Instructor Manager, Konecranes Training Institute.

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