Konecranes launches smart, connected crane: Setting a new standard in industrial cranes

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  • New flagship Konecranes X-series to redefine industrial lifting with innovative technology and lifting capacities up to 20t
  • Unique wireless upgrade capability gives customers greater flexibility
  • Revolutionary low headroom hoist and ergonomic radio redefine operator experience
  • The X-series comes with a revamped hoisting motor and components to optimize efficiency and climate impact
  • Deliveries of the Konecranes X-series to start in Q4 2024 in EMEA, follow in other regions later

Konecranes today launched its flagship Konecranes X-series industrial crane, the successor to its popular CXT model with a new compact design and safe, reliable technology that — thanks to its wireless upgrade capabilities — can adapt to customer needs now and in the future.

"The new flagship crane builds on a quarter-century of success for the CXT, which was launched in 2000 and to date has sold well over 100,000 units globally," said Jussi Luokomaa, Product Manager, ISE EMEA, Konecranes. "We expect to see good demand for the Konecranes X-series across multiple industries including general manufacturing, making it a core product for the company for years to come."

Connectivity for enhanced performance

The Konecranes X-series stands out not only for its lean, state-of-the-art electrical architecture but also for its connectivity. Designed to be safe, compact and reliable, it can flexibly adjust to future customer requirements, maximizing the investment's value. This adaptability is enabled by smart, connected components, allowing seamless software upgrades "over the air"— a first in the standard crane industry.

Customers have the option to initially purchase the crane and easily upgrade to additional  Smart Features, enabling seamless incorporation of functionalities as business needs evolve. Additionally, troubleshooting and software updates can be conveniently conducted from floor level, minimizing potential downtime. With a focus on user-friendly design, the crane features a new ergonomic CANMAN radio with an integrated display, providing operators with freedom of movement and essential information at their fingertips, while also offering stepless control for safer and more precise lifting experiences.

Equipped with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring, the Konecranes X-series provides vital insights into crane usage and operation. This data, combined with maintenance information, empowers businesses to make informed decisions regarding maintenance schedules, safety and productivity enhancements. This innovation in connectivity underscores Konecranes' commitment to enhancing productivity, reducing downtime, and leading in digital services, reflecting the growing importance of connected equipment in material handling. To date, Konecranes has 53,600 pieces of connected equipment globally.

A great crane needs a great hoist

What further distinguishes the Konecranes X-series crane is the new Konecranes S-series low headroom hoist. This compact hoist features excellent approach dimensions and smooth stepless lifting with a load-dependent lifting motor, enhancing the user experience and reducing cycle times. The use of strong, lightweight, durable synthetic rope improves safety and handling compared to steel wire rope.

Commitment to Sustainability

The X-series shows how Konecranes is shaping next generation material handling for a smarter, safer and better world. Through sustainable design and material choices, such as a more compact and efficient motor and synthetic rope, the X-series drives efficiency improvements. Features like a thrust rocker reduce steel consumption, and an optimized belt drive reduces wear, minimizing the overall environmental impact. The optimized design, with synthetic rope and guide rollers, enhances performance and extends equipment lifespan while also reducing maintenance needs. Additionally, the implementation of inverter lifting technology ensures precise motor speed control, minimizing energy waste. With the X-series, Konecranes delivers a reliable solution while having an emphasis on sustainability. The Design for Environment (DfE) approach guided product development, aiming to minimize environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle.

A strong focus on customers and commitment to business growth and continuous improvement make Konecranes a material handling industry leader. This is underpinned by investments in digitalization and technology, plus our work to make material flows more efficient with solutions that decarbonize the economy and advance circularity and safety. 

Konecranes is now taking orders for the crane and expects the first deliveries to begin in Q4 2024 in Europe, Middle East and Africa, with deliveries in other regions to follow later.

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