A set of applications to support terminal operators in their work with their terminal operating system (TOS). The Intelligent Apps are included in a framework that communicates with the TOS. Using the built-in scripting interface of the TOS, it queries the TOS for information required by the Intelligent Apps. Based on this information, the Intelligent Apps monitor certain aspects of the terminal workflow and the Intelligent Apps perform correction tasks triggered manually by the user or automatically based on pre-defined settings.


Chimney App

Chimney App improves the safety on the terminal and drastically reduces the number of incidents from occurring. Chimney stacks are undesirable due to the risk of collapse when other containers are being handled, as well as the risk of falling due to wind.

  • Prevent new chimneys from occurring
  • Avoid safety risks from high stacks
  • Actively decrease number of chimneys



Tailwind supports effective planning practices for efficient yard handling. Tailwind identifies common vessel planning mistakes and shows recommendations on efficiency, allowing the planners to quickly review and improve the plan. By assisting the planner in achieving a correct plan, more attention can be turned towards improving its efficiency. This results for example in reduced unnecessary rehandle moves, less operational disturbances and higher productivity.

  • Decrease vessel planning errors
  • Support planners and shift managers
  • Increase operational efficiency


Yard Quality App

The goal of Yard Quality App is to monitor the container yard inventory and decrease mixed piles, for optimal yard performance.

  • Avoid congestion and clashes
  • Retain yard consistency
  • Increase efficient housekeeping