Coil handling cranes for the automotive industry

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    A coil handling crane delivers steel coils for unreeling and blank cutting. Once the steel is pre-cut to the right size—these pieces, or blanks—are pressed in a stamping machine to form the parts of a car body, such as the hood, doors, trunk, roof, and so on. Pressing involves a sequence of three to five consecutive stamping operations with forces ranging from 1,000 – 25,000 kN to produce the part.

    A Konecranes coil handling crane is designed to travel long distances at fast speed to keep work cycles short for the demanding production schedules of the automotive industry. The right attachment can provide safe and easy coil handling, and the standard lifting capacity of the crane is 80 tons. It can also be customized for your specific requirements.

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  • Designed to maximize working cycles per hour
  • Precise and fast load handling with travelling speeds
  • Heavy duty use with trolley
  • Konecranes designed and manufactured Core of Lifting components provide high process performance and reliability
  • Stiff box-type steel structure helps reduce vibration
  • Sway Control and Slack Rope Prevention available as an add on feature helps improves work area safety and productivity
  • Semi- and fully automated functions help reduce cycle times
  • Optional regenerative braking provides energy savings
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  • Special heavy-duty trolley
  • Single or multi-trolley arrangement
  • Smart Features
  • Stiff box-type steel structure for the bridge and trolley
  • Variety of speed ranges available
  • Heavy-duty hook block
  • End-carriages/bogies are heavy duty with hardened wheels
  • TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring capability

Technical specification

  M-series CXT Smart
Duty cycles Up to 2 million 250,000
FEM M6-M8 Up to M6
Trolley type Compact open winch Compact rope hoist
Lifting device C-hook, coil magnet or coil grab C-hook, coil magnet or coil grab
Lifting capacity, max. Up to 63t Up to 80t
Span Tailored Tailored
Lifting height, max. Tailored Tailored
Bridge/trolley travel speed Tailored Tailored
Manual/automated control Cabin/radio/pendant Cabin/radio/pendant
Bridge/trolley power supply Conductors/festoon Conductors/festoon
Motor control system Konecranes variable frequency drives (VFD) Konecranes VFD
Electrical braking Resistors/regenerative network braking units optional Resistors


Customer story

New crane systems lift productivity of diesel engine service facility

Konecranes worked diligently with us to ensure that we achieved maximum clearance since we occasionally have large oilfield equipment in the facility. The new cranes save our mechanics two hours a day, 10 hours a week, greatly improving their efficiency.

Shawn Yuzik, Branch Manager, Cummins, Canada

Adaptable and efficient

Konecranes helps major automobile manufacturers around the world fill their demanding production schedules. From many years of providing support in the industry, we know that automakers can't afford delays. That's why the automotive industry has come to rely on our experience and the reliability of our cranes, engineered to manage heavy steel coils in short cycles, with safety and efficiency.

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