Warehouse Management System for die storage

Improved efficiency and productivity in warehouse operations

  • The Konecranes Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed as an automated solution for the management of a press die warehouse utilizing automatic die gripper cranes in automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode. The WMS manages transport orders, optimizes die exchange times and provides real-time information on operating and system statuses for streamlined warehouse operations.

    The WMS automates die exchanges and sends transport orders to the gripper cranes using the optimization algorithm based on established strategies and storing restrictions. The system records die data to a database and also provides operators with Smart Features, access to relevant statistics and information about the system and stored dies.

    The WMS consists of a base module plus extension modules for Smart Features, production management and material flow.
  • Automotive die handling
  • Helps achieve high throughput and low die exchange times combined with high storage capacity and operational safety.
  • Crane operating data can be analyzed to help maximize performance.


WMS Smart Features

Automotive die being lifted by craneKonecranes WMS Smart Features (SF) are designed for streamlining daily operations, providing operators with support, and minimizing the risk of errors. Smart technology and an intuitive interface make Smart Features an ideal solution for efficient and reliable die storage management.

Before a die is stored, die information is entered into the WMS and then the operator can lift the die manually with the gripper crane to use the teach function. By teaching a die, the RFID information will be read from the RFID tag and saved to the die information along with the measured weight and the gripper leg width position, saving the operator time and helping prevent mistakes in the RFID information.

To further support the operator, the WMS automatically sends the sequence of transport orders that is required for a die exchange to the crane. If the die gripper crane is operated in semi-automatic mode with the radio control, the WMS visualizes the currently selected destination in the storage layout.

  • Streamlined daily operations help increase safety and minimize the risk of errors.
  • Operators are provided with support for efficient and reliable die storage management for enhanced reliability.
  • The WMS Smart Features are easy to use, making operators’ work more efficient.

Production Management Module

Konecranes production management moduleThe Konecranes WMS Production Management Module (PMM) extends the WMS using a specially designed production optimization algorithm to determine the most efficient die exchange sequences.

Die exchange jobs are activated via WMS dialog by an operator to send transport orders to the crane. The die exchange is carried out in an optimized sequence with the goal of completing a die exchange without any empty drives. This ensures optimized die exchange times. The WMS also decides the optimum storage location for each die.

The mobile PMM supports the operator during die exchanges and provides all relevant information about the current job and transport order as well as crane positions.

  • The WMS production optimization algorithm provides increased efficiency of die exchanges.
  • The mobile PMM helps make operators more efficient with visibility to transport orders and crane positions.

Material Flow Module

Automotive die transferThe Konecranes WMS Material Flow Module (MFM) controls the material flow of the dies outside the die storage area on the press bolster positions as well as on teaching positions or die transfer carts.

The automated guided vehicle (AGV)/conveyor interface provides the seamless transfer of dies from the die storage area (DSA) to AGVs such as die transfer carts or conveying positions such as press bolsters. This interface provides efficient movement of dies and enables fully automatic handling throughout the entire die change process, reducing the chances of injury and increasing productivity.

The integration of AGV and conveyor systems into the WMS helps optimize material flow for improved overall operational efficiency. The MFM communicates with the AGVs through wireless communication or cabling within your own network and provides them with instructions on pick-up and delivery points. Die pick and deposit at the press bolster positions can also be performed in fully automatic mode with the MFM.

  • Fully automatic die exchanges provide a safe and efficient transfer of dies from the DSA to AGVs and conveyors.
  • Integration of AGV and conveyor systems into the WMS optimizes material flow and improves operational efficiency.

Warehouse management tailored to your operations

Konecranes experts will analyze your processes, provide technical advice, and conduct concept studies to determine the best solution for your operations. We will work with you on integrations with your current systems such as press control and ERP systems and conduct interface tests before commissioning. We’ll also provide training, using a digital twin with crane simulation, to your personnel for a smooth start up. Once you are up and running, we provide 24/7 on-call service and system support for your peace of mind.

WMS service

Preventive Maintenance Service

Protect your warehouse management system investment with the WMS Preventive Maintenance Service. The service provides support for the Konecranes WMS software during the operation of the system and includes regular inspection and minor adjustments to maximize availability and minimize the risk of downtime. When you require high-level technical expertise, you can take advantage of troubleshooting support during office hours.

WMS Remote Support

When time is critical WMS Remote Support provides quick response for troubleshooting issues that require high-level technical expertise. Minimize unplanned downtime with 24/7 access to our global network of WMS specialists supported by local Standby Service.

In controlled circumstances, and assisted by local Standby Service, a two-way on-line communication with the local WMS system and their operators can be established to expedite corrective action.

Designed for handling dies

We design equipment specifically for the automotive industry, so your valuable components are handled safely throughout the entire process. Specialized equipment gives you safer and faster work cycles. Combined with the Konecranes trademark strength, durability and world-class service, our equipment is a wise investment providing highest lifecycle value.

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