Warehouse Management System for coil storage

Warehouse Management System for coil storage

Improved efficiency and productivity in warehouse operations

  • The Konecranes Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed for managing an automatic coil warehouse operated by cranes with mechanical grippers or magnets. The WMS manages transport orders, optimizes operating times, and provides real-time information on operating and system statuses for streamlined warehouse operations.

    Steel coil data is recorded by the WMS through a host system and the operator can easily access all relevant system and coil information. Coils arriving at the storage point are automatically stored up to three layers in storage and automatically retrieved when requested.

    The WMS consists of a basic module plus extension modules for yard management, production management and AGV management.

  • Coil warehouse
  • Achieve high throughput combined with high storage capacity
  • Rule configurator allows for easy adding and editing of position rules when storage requirements change
  • Reorganization of coil storage significantly reduces crane movements during peak times
  • Distribution of workload across all storage areas and cranes helps speed up the supply to the production line
  • Crane operating data can be analyzed for further warehouse optimization
  • System allows order prioritization for the most efficient retrieval sequences which helps increase productivity
  • Storage, retrieval and store selection strategies provide better organization and help increase safety and productivity

Yard Management Module

Man scanning coil informationThe Konecranes WMS Yard Management Module (YMM) controls the material flow of coils from the train or truck to storage. The WMS-YMM also controls coil registration and quality checks.

Before storing a coil, the data record is transmitted to the WMS from the host/MES system or manually entered by an operator via the WMS screen. The coil is labelled with a barcode-readable label and its contour dimensions are measured and verified. The operator inputs all information—including the coil's location on a train, truck, or in a buffer area—using a mobile device connected directly to the WMS.

Coils can be automatically unloaded from and loaded onto trains or trucks. For trains, the crane only needs to drive over the entire train once to assess the position of all loaded coils. For both trains and trucks, the application software calculates the exact position, height, diameter and width of each coil and the measurement result is sent to the WMS. The WMS detects the coils with machine vision and its algorithm determines the pick or deposit position on the train or truck.

  • Provides one system to control the material flow from the train or truck to the warehouse and vice versa.
  • High throughput can be achieved with the coordination between manual operation and automatic crane warehouse.
  • Provides central interface between material handling technology and customer IT.

Production Management Module

Production management moduleThe Konecranes WMS Production Management Module (PMM) provides special functions for production order management such as the control and management of priorities of production orders and output conveying lines, management of deliveries and delivery positions, and reordering or replacement of coils.

When the turnstiles are occupied with requested coils and the transfer area is empty or in manual mode, the WMS retrieves requested coils from the automatic storage area and places them in the buffer area. Coils that are not located in the uppermost layer will be automatically dug out by relocating coils above.

Retrieval is typically based on priority first, then creation time (first in, first out) to one of the retrieval points. If the retrieval request is determined by project-specific retrieval criteria, the WMS selects the coils using a designated retrieval strategy.

  • Provides automatic load optimization for increased efficiency
  • Production orders are automatically generated and managed with status updates to host systems

AGV Management Module

Coil in storageThe Konecranes WMS Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Management Module (AMM) controls the material flow of coils outside the storage area. An AGV management module is a key component in coil warehousing as it manages and directs the movement of AGVs for efficient material handling. The Konecranes AMM can implement several different types of AGVs.

The AMM communicates with the AGVs through wireless communication or cabling within the customer network and provides them with instructions on pick-up and delivery points. It also monitors AGV locations and checks that they follow a safe and optimized path. Additionally, the AMM integrates with the WMS to keep track of inventory levels, update the status of orders, and plan the most efficient AGV routing. This results in a streamlined and efficient material handling process, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.

  • Automation of material handling outside the storage area provides increased efficiency
  • Safety is improved with the monitoring of AGV movements
  • Inventory tracking is enhanced by integrating the AMM in the WMS

Warehouse management tailored to your operations

Konecranes experts will analyze your processes, provide technical advice and conduct concept studies to determine the best solution for your operations. We will work with you on integrations with your current systems such as conveyor and ERP systems. We will conduct interface tests before commissioning and also provide training to your personnel, using a digital twin with crane simulation, for a smooth start up. Once you are up and running, we provide 24/7 on-call service and system support for your peace of mind.

WMS service

Preventive Maintenance Service

Protect your warehouse management system investment with the WMS Preventive Maintenance Service. The service provides support for the Konecranes WMS software during the operation of the system and includes regular inspection and minor adjustments to maximize availability and minimize the risk of downtime. When you require high-level technical expertise, you can take advantage of troubleshooting support during office hours.

WMS Remote Support

When time is critical WMS Remote Support provides quick response for troubleshooting issues that require high-level technical expertise. Minimize unplanned downtime with 24/7 access to our global network of WMS specialists supported by local Standby Service.

In controlled circumstances, and assisted by local Standby Service, a two-way on-line communication with the local WMS system and their operators can be established to expedite corrective action.

Designed for handling coils

Konecranes makes the lifting equipment you need for reliable and efficient steel warehousing. Whether you are running a large steel warehouse alongside a steel mill, a small regional distribution office, or anything in between, we can help you make your warehousing operation more efficient. Our coil handling cranes can be equipped with a variety of lifting devices and Smart Features help reduce wear on the crane and speed up workflow.


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