Storage area

When steel products come off the production line, some of them might be shipped immediately and others must be taken to a storage facility.

Cranes to fit all types of warehouses

Cranes in the warehouse are usually electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes installed above the main storage areas. These areas are not very hot or dusty, but some heat protection is still required. A smaller facility, without the room for a gantry or bridge crane, might use wall console cranes instead. In a very big operation, these are also handy as auxiliary cranes. Fork lift trucks give the ability to move steel products anywhere a crane can’t go. Reach stackers can reach higher than fork lifts, allowing you to build and use extra-high storage racks. 

Technology for efficient operations

Nobody likes to wait: customers want their orders filled without delay. Operators need to quickly find the right products for the right customers in a big storage area. Some facilities run around the clock, and all the cranes must work continuously. Konecranes makes the lifting equipment you need for reliable and efficient steel warehousing. Whether you are running a large steel warehouse alongside a steel mill, a small regional distribution office, or anything in between, we can help you make your warehousing operation more efficient.

Our EOT cranes can be equipped with a number of Smart Features. For example Target Positioning, Sway Control and Load Floating not only shorten handling times, but also reduce wear and tear on the crane helping to extend its life. Automation eases the work of your crane operators while speeding up the workflow. The Konecranes Warehouse Management System helps organize your storage area and makes finding the right product for your customer a simple and straightforward process.

Attachments for cranes and lift trucks

Konecranes provides attachments needed for easy handling of different loads of steel. Whether you need plates, tubes, rolls, coils or any other product, we have all the specialized hook extensions you need, or we can design one just for you. Our lift trucks can be similarly equipped as needed.