Successor to Model 8ESP.9

With the introduction of Generation 6 mobile harbor cranes in June 2021, Model 5 will be replaced. Konecranes is offering two successor models here:

ESP.9 cranes

The new ESP.9 cranes also have a working radius of 61 m, a maximum lifting capacity of 200 t and lifting speeds of up to 140 m/min. The classification in container handling has been increased, doubling the product lifecycle. As four-rope grab cranes in the ESP.9B variant, thee cranes offer a 74-t and a 63-t grab load curve.



ESP.10 cranesESP.10

The new ESP.10 cranes are the successor to the G HMK 8512 variant as a high-performance container crane to serve vessels of super post-Panamax class up to the 22nd row. They have more powerful lifting capacity curves and a higher classification in container handling. The 125 t heavy-load curve is extended by 3 m to 30 m.




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