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Six ways to increase the productivity and reliability of your cranes

Increase your productivity with well-maintained cranes and digital service tools

Manufacturing facilities must maintain a constant flow of materials - from incoming prefab or raw materials all the way to packaging and shipping. When any work interruption is a production loss, the right lifting equipment and service will help keep your workflow running at its best.

Whether your lifting equipment is old or new, having a well-maintained crane increases the reliability of that equipment so it is up and running when you need it. Having the right service and maintenance tools will help make sure that your equipment will be available and reliable.

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    Maintenance programs - inspections and preventive maintenance are essential for maintaining your lifting equipment and a program of regular maintenance activities will bring the most benefits.

  2. Digital tools for smart service - from online tools to apps, there are many digital tools that help you stay on top of maintenance issues even when you're not on the production floor.
  3. Parts - keeping spare parts in inventory can be both a time and money saver.
  4. Retrofits - a relatively easy and economical way to add current productivity-enhancing features and technologies to a crane.
  5. Modernizations - when production ramps up or changes, a crane may need a modernization to maintain productivity.
  6. Consultation services - can give you insights into safety, production and further improvement opportunities.


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