Coil handling cranes for automotive industry

Adaptable and efficient

Coil handling cranes transport coils in Unreeling and Blank Cutting area. They are high-speed cranes that can be equipped with a variety of lifting devices depending on the material to be handled. They will often be equipped with Smart Features for improved productivity and safety. The crane can be controlled with a radio remote controller or in a cabin. Manual, semi-automated and fully automated functions can be provided.

 A wide range of lifting devices can be attached to the hooks such as magnets, C-hooks, hydraulic tongs and more. The slewing function can also be provided with a lifting device. Electrical cabinets can be provided with air conditioning when the working environment is demanding and/or when network braking is provided.

The crane features a single or multi-trolley arrangement depending on the application. In the double-trolley arrangement, trolleys can be connected mechanically.

The programmable logic controller (PLC) controls and monitors the crane and provides a platform for Smart Features.

The service touch panel has a screen for process data, service, diagnostics and manual crane control. The crane monitors its own condition and recommends when maintenance should be done.