Nuclear polar cranes

Polar crane new 2022

Next step in the evolution of design

Polar cranes are used for fuel assembly purposes and reactor head removal and replacement. Used to handle multipurpose lifting needs, polar cranes are comprised of a main hoist, auxiliary hoist, maintenance jib crane, and containment inspection man lift. These cranes can perform various maintenance and operational duties while ensuring optimal quality and safety. Polar cranes operate on a circular runway located near the spring line of the containment/reactor building. These cranes are primarily used to removal and replacement of the reactor head, as well as during the refuelling outages.
Konecranes polar cranes is designed for multipurpose usage that maximizes operational capability by combining numerous lifting features into a single compact and weight-efficient trolley. The design improves productivity and reliability by providing four primary lifting systems:

  • Main Hoist and Auxiliary Hoist - Perform typical plant maintenance and operational functions

  • Maintenance jib crane - Provide lifting capability during maintenance operations

  • Containment inspection man lift - Inspecting and maintaining the containment dome


  • Single failure proof hoist assembly
  • Seismic durability classification
  • Emergency retrieval system
  • Nuclear quality compliant
  • Telescoping maintenance lift for reactor dome maintenance and inspection
  • Single failure proof main hoist for critical lifts
  • Redundant travel motors
  • Removable operator console
  • Dual bridge encoder
  • Continuous-duty variable frequency motor drive
  • Fail-safe operator controls
  • Electric cable reels for cameras and sensors
  • Pneumatic cable reels for grapple operation
  • Full bridge walkways 
  • Power rotational mast 
  • Stainless steel mast and fuel grapple


  • Improved safety with redundancy in all critical component
  • Single failure proof design 
  • Optimized dead weight supports building structural cost savings
  • Modular electrical enclosure designed for quick maintenance
  • 360-degree circular movement with end carriages design for 
  • Wheel and axle load-drop protection
  • Longer wheel and rail lifetime due to Forged steel wheels with precision bearing housing 
  • Precise positioning with absolute encoders
  • optimized dead weight and minimized costs with robust design 
  • User-friendly and fail-safe operator controls
  • Precise movements and automated positioning with continuous-duty variable frequency motor drive 
  • Safe and accurate alignment brought by dual bridge encoder
  • Full bridge walkways for operator safety and ease of maintenance
  • Real-time operational feedback on operator’s console

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