Auxiliary handling

crane advisor

In addition to roll handling cranes, paper mills need lifting equipment to support raw material handling and machinery maintenance.

Auxiliary lifting equipment is there to help you maintain your process equipment when you need it. These cranes can perform in the warm and corrosive environment of a mill.

A jib crane with a CLX hoist is an extremely versatile piece of lifting equipment. It supports overhead cranes on production lines and keeps machining cells and warehouses running.

The CXT crane is designed and manufactured to satisfy common industrial load handling requirements safely and reliably.

  • Deinking (DIP) plant cranes
  • Converting / Sheet cutting
  • Roll wrapping cranes
  • Expedition and shipping
  • Power stations
  • Mezzanine floor monorail hoists
  • Vacuum pumps maintenance cranes
  • Roll wrapping line crane
  • Core handling cranes
  • Maintenance hoists
  • Intelligent load handling technologies