CXT NEO overhead crane

Setting new standards with safety, power and agility

  • The Konecranes CXT NEO wire rope hoist crane is a special version of the renowned CXT crane. An agile and powerful machine, it can lift up to 80 tons, or up to 160 tons with two hoists. Ergonomic design and intuitive radio controls streamline operations with fast movement and accurate positioning. A superior tool for specific jobs, it redefines the standard in modern lifting.

    Energy-efficient inverter hoisting and Smart Features give you excellent control over your load. Energy chain gives the CXT NEO crane its sleek and modern look, as all the cables from the main electrical cubicle to the hoist are in a composite chain. There are more safe areas for personnel, and less risk of equipment damage. Multiple configurations provide flexibility for all kinds of installations.

  • NEO single girder

Product features

The Konecranes CXT NEO wire rope hoist crane has many standard features:

•    Radio controller
•    Crane layout optimizes surrounding space and accessibility
•    Single or double girder or under-running structural configurations provide strength and flexibility
•    Stepless inverter hoisting reduces mechanical stress on structures
•    Energy chain protects power and control cables from mechanical wear, increases safety and work space
•    Smart Features assure safe and smooth operation
•    TRUCONNECT® Remote Services package helps monitor crane use and plan operations

Technical specs



Lifting capacity

Up to 80 tons (1 hoist)

Up to 160 tons (2 hoists)

Lifting height

Up to 12 m


Up to 28 m

Duty class

Up to FEM 3m / ISO M6

Control system


ASR. Stepless inverter control for hoisting and traveling movements

Operating system

Radio or pendant

Power supply

Energy chain

Temperature range

Standard temperature: +5°C … +40°C.

Operating environment

Indoor use


Konecranes CXT NEO wire rope hoist crane offers the following benefits:

•    Powerful lifting in a ready-made package
•    Up to 50% faster lifting with energy-efficient inverter
•    Accurate load positioning
•    Minimal stress to building structure
•    Longer lifetime and lower life cycle costs
•    Ergonomic radio control speeds operations and reduces operator fatigue
•    Easy to use and service
•    Fast service response and efficient spare parts delivery keep cranes in good working order

Consult our Crane Advisor

Crane Advisor is an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting application needs. Visit Crane Advisor to see if the CXT NEO crane is suitable for your application.

Konecranes CXT NEO at Kliewe
Customer story

CXT NEO cranes with remote monitoring a good fit the future-oriented manufacturer

Konecranes has designed a total of eight CXT NEO cranes for the production facilities of Kliewe GmbH. We are also providing maintenance for the cranes with a CARE Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Program.

The support from Konecranes was truly excellent, as was the subsequent installation of the crane systems in our production halls. Our experience with the CXT NEO cranes is very good. Thomas Kliewe, Managing Director, Kliewe GmbH.

Freedom to move and power to lift

Better safety, agility, strength, and ergonomics—that's what we mean by setting new standards in general lifting. Properly used and maintained, the robust, hard-working CXT NEO can provide you with years of trouble-free lifting. We can support your cranes with a tailored service program that supports compliance and helps identify risks and opportunities for improvement.

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