Ten ways to help improve overhead crane safety

Improving safety and productivity

Every worker around the globe wants to return home safely at the end of each shift. No matter what industry you work in – from steel mills and car assembly plants to paper mills and manufacturers – workplace safety is imperative.

Workplace incidents can result in devastating injuries and fatalities. The cost of equipment replacement and lost production time can be staggering. A properly maintained crane in the hands of a trained operator helps create a safer and more productive work environment.

A proactive preventive maintenance program is crucial to maximizing safety, however there are several other improvements to consider when looking to increase safety. The addition of safety technologies can make crane operation safer for both people and equipment; and inspections and advanced services can help uncover safety issues so they can be addressed quickly.

White paper summary

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  1. Crane inspections are essential for safe operations.
  2. An active preventive maintenance program helps keep equipment in a safe and efficient state.
  3. Replacing parts before they cause a breakdown helps prolong the life of a piece of equipment.
  4. Training operators in the safe and effective use of a crane is an investment in the safety of employees and the workplace.
  5. Retrofits are a relatively easy and economical way to add current features and technologies to your existing overhead crane.
  6. A modernization can help you comply with current safety regulations and may reduce the risk of downtime.
  7. Advanced services can uncover critical issues using the most current technology and trained specialists to take a deeper look at your crane and its components.
  8. Real-time visibility into your equipment usage and condition goes a long way in making your operations safer.
  9. Features to look for in a new crane or add to an older crane.
  10. Safety features for intelligent lifting.


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