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Crane maintenance and repair – the real cost

Calvin Leclair - New Business Development

One of the most expensive parts of crane repair is not the cost of the actual repair. It is the loss of operating income that results when a crane is out of service. Your downtime cost can be extremely high when you consider your wasted business support cost, and your loss of business opportunity cost.

This is why it is valuable for companies to establish a strong working relationship with a reputable crane service company. As a leader in the crane industry, Konecranes can provide your company with the latest technology to keep your facility running with minimum downtime.

Konecranes can provide you with complete service including inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, spare parts, emergency breakdowns, modernizations, and new equipment. Unlike many crane manufacturers, Konecranes can service other manufacturers’ equipment as well, in fact, Konecranes maintains more cranes around the world than any other crane company.

Regular inspections of your cranes is the baseline for any successful maintenance program. Through inspections, crane inspectors can discover worn parts and other problems, and schedule a crane repair when it is least disruptive to the company’s operations. This saves the company from having to shut down during a peak production period due to unforeseen equipment failure.

The Konecranes CARE Preventive Maintenance Program features the MAINMAN Assessment – a preventive maintenance inspection that provides a baseline for planning, tracking, reporting and maintenance consultation with our customers.

Our consultative approach is supported by our unique MAINMAN technology, proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method and global maintenance expertise. This assessment is unique in the overhead crane industry and is designed to provide an in-depth picture of the condition of your equipment, while simultaneously fulfilling the requirements of your periodic compliance inspection in the U.S. and Canada.

Our certified inspectors use Konecranes proprietary maintenance software, MAINMAN, to perform detailed preventive maintenance assessments. Konecranes expert technicians work with customers to develop maintenance and crane repair programs best suited to supporting their operations and lifting equipment. Konecranes invests in their people and provides training on a continuing basis with all of its employees.

Technicians are enrolled in an ongoing training program where they have minimum field hours required to go to the different training programs provided. The programs include all hoist makes so Konecranes technicians can provide the best service for all manufacturers. So no matter who at Konecranes services your equipment, or who you talk to on the phone, you will always get a dependable, knowledgeable person to help you.

Replacing parts before they cause a breakdown helps prolong the life of a piece of equipment, and helps avoid property damage or personnel injury. Konecranes parts team in the US, Crane Pro Parts, sells parts for all crane brand, not just their own. Konecranes is the OEM of more than 40 different brands. Even if the manufacturer of your crane is out of business, Konecranes has the ability to reverse engineer your component and manufacture it in-house reducing your cost and downtime.

To help customers decide whether a crane repair is a better, more cost-effective option over the long-run than replacing a piece of equipment, Konecranes technicians provide detailed proposals and analyses. Often, crane repair or modernization is the more effective solution.

With Konecranes diagnostic products and services like rail and rope geometric surveys, service life analysis, or non-destructive testing, you get an accurate proposal to not only perform the repair but also extend the life of your crane. If it is more economical to provide a new piece of equipment, then Konecranes can provide a new crane to meet your needs.

Our products are designed to the highest safety and performance standards. Konecranes can provide its own manufactured chain hoist, wire rope hoist, light duty cranes, heavy duty cranes, stacker cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, work station cranes, port cranes, rubber tired gantry cranes, process cranes and lift trucks.

Konecranes also offers crane modernizations, which helps prevent lifting equipment from becoming obsolete, allowing it to continue contributing to a company’s bottom line for as long as possible.

At a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece of equipment, the modernization program helps a company ramp up its productivity. Konecranes provides this service for any make of lifting equipment.

In the event that a crane breaks down unexpectedly, Konecranes is able to respond quickly, as its team of expert technicians stand by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Konecranes has more than 100 locations in the Americas, so Konecranes can service facilities with multiple locations and provide them with the same high level of service, and provide the same inspection program to all locations.

Whether it is new lifting equipment, modernizations, crane repairs, parts, emergency service, preventive maintenance, or inspections, Konecranes can provide you with all your crane servicing needs.