Assisted Load Turning

Makes challenging turns easier and less risky

crane advisor

Turning a load is often one of the most challenging crane operations. The Konecranes Assisted Load Turning feature, however, greatly simplifies and lessens the risk of this maneuver by keeping the ropes straight and eliminating side pull.

Assisted Load Turning is based on continual measurement of the rope angle.

To activate, the crane operator simply turns on Assisted Load Turning with the selector switch on the radio controller.

Speeds up cycles and decreases wear

As an operator starts to move a load downwards, the load may tilt and the rope angle may also start to change. At this point, Assisted Load Turning starts eliminating rope angles by automatically moving the trolley and bridge so the rope stays within preset rope angle limits.

Assisted Load Turning means improved operational safety, faster load cycle times, ease of crane operation and less wear and tear on crane components.

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