Slack Rope Prevention

Slack Rope Prevention to reduce product damage

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Slack Rope Prevention is like Shock Load Prevention in reverse. Much like how loads need to be lifted slowly to avoid shocking the crane, they also need to be set down gingerly, especially when rigging devices such as lifting beams are used. In typical operation, it can be challenging to slow the crane down enough during descent to provide a gentle landing for the rigging gear. If the load is lowered too quickly, the hoist ropes can slacken, the ropes can slip out of the hook block and the lifting device can tip over, leading to slowed production and possible product damage.

Konecranes has the answer: Slack Rope Prevention. With Slack Rope Prevention, the hoist drive monitors the load. When the load or lifting beam reaches the ground, hoist detects it and stops the movement, keeping both the product and lifting gear steady. This, in turn, provides for lower maintenance costs as the product can be more consistently handled with care than with a traditional crane system.

Easy Control for crane operators

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Slack Rope Prevention is designed for the smooth placement of load items and works to prevent damage to and stabilize the load for easy handling. Slack Rope Prevention is a feature of Konecranes’ Variable Frequency Drives for hoist control, and it works to eliminate the problems caused by slack ropes automatically. With this automated feature, the operator can focus on controlling the load, monitoring his or her environment and ensuring that the load remains secure.

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Slack Rope Prevention is available for overhead cranes with, or with the capability of having, Variable Frequency Drives.

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