Hoisting Synchronization

Hoist synchronization for optimized load handling

crane advisor

If a crane is equipped with two or more main hoists there may be need to operate two of them at the same time. When the hoisting synchronization mode is in use, both hoists run and stop at the same time in order to keep the load in the same alignment it was in as when the hoisting was started. Two hoists move with the same speed and same direction operated simultaneously by one operator interface.

Easy control for crane operators

Hoisting Synchronization is activated when ‘Common Use Mode’ is selected on the operator interface. No other push button or switch is needed. Hoisting Synchronization works even when the load is not equal on each hook. This feature is based on the known position of both hooks. The common hoisting speed of the hooks is limited according to the slower hoist.

During operation, the position difference of the hooks is monitored and controlled. Hoisting Synchronization maximizes the efficient use of the hoists and makes load handling simpler and faster.

Satisfied Hoisting Synchronization Customer

When Liberty Paper, a paper mill that produces more than 240,000 tons of corrugated containers each year, needed to modernize their dry end crane, they choose Konecranes. The job was completed without any loss of production time for the customer. The crane was tested for Hoist Synchronization, which is crucial in the paper industry. The test results show that these critical hoists were able to run in tandem within one inch of each other.