CXT UNO overhead crane

Focus on essentials and easy lifting

  • The Konecranes CXT UNO overhead crane is a strong, robust and straightforward lifting machine with a capacity of up to 12.5 tons. A simple, easy-to-use crane, it includes only the most important features for everyday industrial lifting in a ready-made package, combining the high-quality CXT hoist with a durable frame and reliable crane components.

    An excellent crane for general applications in your business, this crane meets all of your basic lifting needs. The CXT UNO comes with a versatile selection of functions and options, as well as a radio control for safe and easy operation. With a focus on essentials and easy maintenance, it can lift up to 12 meters and manage a span of up to 28 meters.

  • cxt uno crane

Product features

The Konecranes CXT UNO overhead crane has the following standard features:
•    CXT wire rope hoist, built with Core of Lifting components
•    Radio controller
•    Magnet mounting for radio receiver
•    Stepless bridge travelling
•    Two-speed controls for hoist and trolley
•    Crane layout optimizes surrounding space and accessibility
•    Profile and box girders designed for flexibility in weight and wheel loads
•    Energy chain supply with no cable loops
•    Thermal-protected motors to prevent overheating
•    Mechanical overload protection
•    Four-step rotating hoisting limit switch
•    2-step limit switch for bridge traveling

Technical specs



Lifting capacity

Up to 12.5 tons with three low headroom hoist models  (only 1 hoist per bridge possible):

• CXT3 up to 3.2 t

• CXT4 up to 5 t

• CXT5 up to 12.5 t

Lifting height

up to 12 m


up to 28 m

Duty class

Up to FEM 3m / ISO M6

Control system


2-speed contactor for hoist and trolley travel

Inverter controlled bridge travel


  • Hoisting speed 4/0.7 or 5/0.8 m/min
  • Trolley traversing speed 20/5 or 24/6 m/min
  • Bridge traveling speed 32/8 or 40/10 m/min

Operating system

Radio control with two transmitters

Operating environment

  • Indoor use
  • Protection mode IP55


The Konecranes CXT UNO overhead crane offers the following benefits:

•    Powerful lifting in a ready-made package
•    Ease to use and service
•    High quality and reliable components
•    Less wear on rope and improved hook approaches due to large drum diameter
•    Mechanical overload protection gives a safer work environment
•    Minimal stress to building structure
•    Less maintenance due to fewer components
•    Delivery in a solid, ready-made package shortens lead times, allowing easy purchase
•    Fast service response and efficient spare parts delivery keep cranes in good working order

Consult our Crane Advisor

Crane Advisor is an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting application needs. Visit Crane Advisor to see if the CXT UNO crane is suitable for your application.

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Easy maintenance and high value

Based around our popular CXT hoist, one of the most reliable hoists on the market today, the CXT UNO brings the renowned Konecranes quality into your everyday work at a very sensible price with a focus on only core components and vital features.

A ton of expertise in one compact package

The Konecranes CXT UNO overhead crane is a robust and reliable machine for everyday lifting. It's based around our popular CXT hoist—one of the most reliable hoists on the market today. Redesigned and optimized core components allow us to deliver a quality lifting solution at a competitive price. Our global service network can support your cranes throughout their lifecycle and bring further improvements to safety and productivity in your operations.

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