Scrap handling cranes

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Scrap handling cranes work in the scrap yard, loading scrap into buckets that are transported to the melt shop. These cranes are typically high-duty, high-speed cranes. Special attention is paid to the crane operator’s environment because of the high dust, noise and vibration levels that are typical in the scrap yard environment.

Scrap handling crane features

  • An optional Smarter cabin provides improved visibility with a 60% larger window area and improved ergonomics and comfort.
  • Electrical cabinets can be equipped with air conditioning when the working environment is demanding and/or when network braking is provided.
  • Optional features include wireless communication with the factory control system and a reporting system with remote service capability, enabling fast problem solving and advance information for maintenance planning.
  • Special heavy-duty trolley was designed for easy maintenance.
  • The programmable logic controller (PLC) controls and monitors the crane and provides a platform for Smart Features such as Sway Control and Slack Rope Prevention.Scrap handling crane
  • The stiff box-type steel structure for the bridge and trolley minimizes deflection and vibration.
  • Power and signal cables are attached to the crane girder via a festoon system that moves alongside the trolley. The power cables and signal cables are kept separate.
  • Heavy-duty hook block for safer, reliable attachment of lifting devices.
  • End-carriages/bogies are heavy duty, with surface-hardened wheels.