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A scrap handling crane handles scrap metal in the scrapyard of a steel mill. Scrap arrives by sea, rail, or road, stays in the scrapyard until it can be processed, and eventually gets melted down by the smelter in a melt shop. Difficult to handle, scrap has no defined shape for a hook or tong to fit onto, and it is often mixed, so it requires sorting. A scrapyard crane has to fit the size of the vehicles that deliver the scrap and must be able to access the right materials quickly from all parts of the storage area.

A Konecranes scrap handling crane is a heavy-duty, high-speed crane that can handle scrap in the yard and load it into buckets or ladles for transport to the melt shop. These cranes are equipped with lifting magnets, a hydraulic grab or both together to move a load of scrap weighing up to 40 tons. Our cranes can be adapted for any load types and site conditions and equipped with a level of automation that fits your requirements.


Our long experience in the steel industry equips us to know what works and what doesn’t

  • Up to 8 million duty cycles
  • Traveling speeds up to 150 m/min
  • Special heavy-duty trolley
  • Heavy-duty end-carriages/bogies with hardened wheels
  • Semi- and fully automated features
  • High-visibility smart cabin
  • Stiff box-type steel structure
  • Heavy-duty hook block
  • Power and signal cables attached separately via festoon alongside trolley
  • Smart Features
  • Wireless communication with factory control system


A safe crane is the product of a good design, regular maintenance and safe use.

  • Reduced cycle times with semi and fully automated functions
  • Precise and fast load handling with travelling speeds upto 150 m/min
  • Heavy-duty use with special trolley, end carriages, hook block.
  • Designed to maximize the working cycles per hour
  • Reduced deflection & vibration with stiff box-type steel structure
  • Sway Control and Slack Rope Prevention available as an add on feature helps improves work area safety and productivity
  • PLC controls and monitors the crane for speed and accuracy
  • Longer life and more return on investment as Tailored crane can run upto 8 million working cycles
  • Simplified and minimized maintenance

Technical Specification

Scrap handling crane


Evolved and enhanced

Choosing the right lifting equipment for your steel mill starts with an understanding of your operational requirements today, and how they are likely to change in the future. As your business develops, we work closely with you to meet your growing needs. Whether you’re unloading scrap and moving it into your furnace, pouring molten steel into molds, rolling the hot steel into shape, or putting it in storage, Konecranes makes the right lifting equipment for the task, and we can tailor it for your mill.

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