We Know the Steel Making Process

Steel process

We work with you to lift heavy and dangerous items throughout your operation, from moving iron ore and recycled steel to pouring hot metal and shaping products in the rolling mill.

The Scrapyard

When scrap metal arrives at a scrapyard, a crane must reach into the delivery vehicle and unload the metal safely and quickly. It is vital that these unloading cranes be reliable and efficient to keep delivery vehicles moving through the facility and scrap material flowing into the mill.

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The Melt Shop

The hot, dusty environment of the melt shop is home to charging, ladle, teeming and tundish cranes. These cranes perform a variety of duties in the shop: the combination of scrap or raw materials, the handling of liquid metal and the manipulation of melting buckets.

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Rolling Area

A billet or slab crane moves freshly cast slabs of steel from the melt shop to the rolling area, where they can be rolled, shaped or diverted for further heating and processing. These rolling area cranes are available with special load handling devices, such as mechanical or hydraulic tongs, magnets and c-hooks.

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Storage Area

Electric overhead traveling cranes are used in warehouses where steel is stored after it comes off the production line. Forklifts can also be used to transport steel rolls to storage racks.

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