Top-Running Overhead Cranes

Top Running Overhead Cranes: Opportunities & Considerations

Opportunity: Top-running cranes are the ideal solution for industrial buildings with limited headroom. Running on rails mounted atop the runway beam, top-running cranes gain extra lifting height over what is possible with an underhung crane. A double girder top-running crane provides greater hook height than a single girder, as the hoist is positioned between the double girders.

Top-running cranes typically are larger with greater lifting capacities, at 20 tons or more. They’re also easier to install and service. For wheel maintenance, they do not have to be suspended, as do underhung cranes.

Considerations: Top-running systems require more frequent rail alignment inspections and more frequent rail alignment than underhung cranes.

A Konecranes sales representative can help you determine the best crane system for your operation—based on your facility specifications and the unique requirements of your business and processes. Konecranes offers complete solutions—including equipment, inspections and maintenance, and training for operators and service personnel. To learn more, contact Konecranes today.