Your business is our business

As part of our consultative approach to maintenance, the Konecranes Business Review includes a comprehensive review of your current maintenance program with Konecranes, including all agreement activities over the history of the relationship. As part of the review, we graphically present all crane- and hoist-related expenditures and provide action plans and recommendations to continually improve your unique maintenance program. The goal is to optimize your maintenance spending and demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) with Konecranes.

Using available historical inspection and financial data, Konecranes Representatives can assemble reports to identify trends such as:

• Historical maintenance spend by type of service
• Maintenance investment vs. total spend (to show ROI)
• Safety trends
• Emergency calls (the impact to productivity and cost premiums)
• Frequent failure components (which may facilitate discussion on replacement alternatives)
• Justification for capital investments
• Action plans
• Discuss program effectiveness in a structured review process

Standard review elements

Although Business Reviews are unique for each customer, they all include the following elements at a minimum:

Discussion elements

• Confirmation of Konecranes understanding of your business
• Review Konecranes safety performance on site
• Review of service program targets and your expectations
• Review of changes in your operating environment and equipment
• Review of cooperation practices
• Feedback on how Konecranes can improve Historical data review
• Summary of work performed since the previous Business Review
• Analysis of trend reports
• Analysis of TRUCONNECT® reports, when available
• Summary of risks, prioritized recommendations and improvement opportunities Business plan with recommended actions
• Open sales cases (quotations and proposals)
• Recommendations for equipment upgrades and modernizations
• Business Reviews are performed at least annually, but higher frequency is beneficial if you have production-critical equipment and/or a larger quantity of equipment. The length and format of the review are decided on a case-by-case basis.

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