Konecranes Agilon® - Next Generation Material Inventory and Management System

Konecranes Agilon® – Next Generation Material Inventory and Management System

Konecranes Agilon intelligent solution is a modular material inventory and management system that can be used across a variety of in different industry sectors and in businesses of all sizes.

The multi-award-winning and patented Agilon solution consists of a net portal, a shelving system, user access points and a robot that travels within the shelving unit. It picks the parts requested by the operator, either via the user interface or by data import, and brings them straight to the access point.

The Agilon can handle material of all shapes and sizes - from matchbox-sized items to small crates weighing up to 25kg. Agilon is also able to handle items in their original packing so there is no need for transferring items into standard bins; and the system then conveniently delivers the goods to the user access point for immediate use.

The flexibility of Agilon allows Konecranes to adapt the size and layout of the system according to each customers’ individual needs based on available floor space and number of components to be stored. Agilon is modular by design meaning that it can be any size operating from the smallest possible foot print of 6m long by 2.5m high. The system operates up to a maximum height of 6.1m and unlimited maximum length. A transportation tube that connects all of the modules can be applied which allows a network of multiple units in different areas, and even on separate floors, to work in unison.

Agilon can be used for storing and managing thousands of different components, providing real-time information on component stocks through a secure internet connection. A secure user interface shows the availability of all parts and even displays an image of the specific parts package before retrieving the item.

Real time inventory information, order history and information related to usage and consumption can be monitored via a secure online Agilon portal. The Agilon system provides access to all of this information via a dedicated online customer portal, which can be accesses from any computer or smart device 24/7.

The system, which is leased on a contract basis, is sold with a comprehensive service contract that includes software, remote support, module maintenance, spare parts and an option for further expanding the modular system, all to ensure that the Agilon system remains up to date.

Konecranes Service Centre personnel actively monitor the system’s status meaning they can respond immediately to any faults by solving the issue remotely.  Correctly timed and anticipated maintenance allows Konecranes to minimize service outages causing minimal affect to your business operations; meaning maximum uptime and utilization for the customer.

The monthly Agilon service fee includes:

• The Agilon system and software
• User training
• Maintenance
• Repairs
• Remote monitoring and support

Agilon brings added value to material management:

• Warehousing of production parts
• Production assembly
• Maintenance Warehouse
• Maintenance, repair and operations warehouse
• Internal logistics
• 24/7 trade

Agilon received Red Dot Award for Best Product Design

Agilon received Quality Innovation Award


Konecranes Agilon® – intelligent material handling

Konecranes Agilon ® Linking information to material flow